Charles Proxy is an HTTP proxy and monitoring tool for view or debugging or editing all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine/ applications and the Internet by developer or QAs. For example, this includes requests’ body and headers, responses’ body and headers, the cookies, and caching information.

Now, let's start with installations.

Step1: Download and install Charles Proxy to our computer

Click this URL and select the macOS option and download the dmg file: Start installation and follow steps. Click the “Agree” button for the first page and drop to Applications.

Most of the time, we may need to take screenshots. We can take screenshots during test execution. This is how we can check UI errors or bugs. For example; If we need to take screenshots of elements or if we are using headless mode selenium, we may need to take and store screenshots and use these to check or compare with the correct ones.

I am going to show you three different types of taking a screenshot.

First one: To take a screenshot of the page that you see on the browser’s screen.

We need to add’s source code…

When we want to write or run hundreds of test cases, we need to manage those with minimum effort. We can use JSON or XML files to read and edit data or parameters. use this method and you will see, how your management process more easily.

Now we add some parameters to the testng.xml file and we use these parameters at all classes.

For example; I run and write many test cases and I always use driver path, driver type, and base URL.

Step1: I added these parameters to testng.xml with parameter tag and enter name and value and I…

Sometimes you need to check all links on your project. You can do this with Postman or any other API test tool but this way easier. When you use API testing tools you need to write all links’ s connection one by one or maybe links changed, that time you should edit all tests one by one again.

Now with this java code, you can check all links. These links can be pdf, image, video, or photo’s link.

Step-1: In HTML we link with this code: <a href=”Adress”></a> it is means we must collect all links in the web page…

I am going to show you how we can run testng.xml file on terminal. Sometimes we need to run dozens or hundreds of test cases. We can run them all with one line command.

I have three java class under my project and I want to run all of them.

We have to add java classes that we want to run to testng.xml file. There is a detail of testng.xml file. I added ParallelTesting, FirstChromeSearch and MultipleBrowser. Last class, under the package that’s why I added this class with its package’s name. …

I am going to show you how we make config for parallel testing. Let’s start with creating a testng.xml file.

Right-click to project’s name and select a “Create TestNG XML”.

What is Cross Browser Testing and why we need this?

When we develop a new web interface or functionality, we need to test this page. Basic functionality, Design, Accessibility, and Responsiveness may differ from browser to browser. For this reason, we need to test every new development in every browser, and in this case, we need to do cross-browser tests.

In this article, I am going to use Chrome and Firefox. I showed you how we use chrome browser in our tests, now I will add just Firefox driver. If you want to add other browsers, you can download and add those the same way.

Use this URL to download…

What is Headless Mode Selenium? Advantage of Headless Selenium

Headless mode means making UI tests without opening a browser’s UI. For example, if your machine does not have a GUI, that time you can headless mode.


  • UI-based browsers consume a lot of memory or resource and that is one of the reasons to choose a headless mode.
  • Headless mode tests faster than normal UI tests.
  • Easy to learn and simple.
  • You can use headless mode when you run Multiple tests.

You can check tests or screen with screenshots. …

In this article, I will show you how we install and import TestNG to our project.

What is TestNG?

TestNG’s name comes from Next Generation Test. TestNG is a testing framework for a run to test cases more easily.

Advantages of TestNG:

  • End-to-end testing is much easier
  • Test cases can be grouped more easily
  • Parallel testing is possible
  • Easy to take reports
  • Easy to learn and use

I am going to add Annotations that we will use for this automation. I share just these if you want to see more details you can read this URL:

@BeforeTest: The annotated method will be…

Hello readers, this is my very very first article. I am going to try to explain Selenium in very simple language for you. I hope this article helps you. I will use Selenium Web Driver, Maven, Java programming language, and IntelliJ IDEA for automated test cases and I am going to share with you what are those and how we install those. Let’s start with Selenium.

What is Selenium?

First of all, we start with what is the Selenium? Selenium is an open-source test tool for testing web applications. Selenium supports different browsers and platforms.

Leading supported languages by Selenium…


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